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We currently have puppies from our girl Willow, contact
us about her litter or future litters/waiting list.

We recently have had an alarming amount of scams using our kennels name, please always talk with us directly, the fastest way to get ahold of us is through our phone number 303-457-4153

Acerca de

Screen Shot 2022-06-26 at 8.41.18 PM.png


Willow and Deacon's puppies were born March 16th 2024

Screen Shot 2022-06-26 at 8.39.33 PM.png


Raya and Deacon puppies were born on May 14th 2023

Screen Shot 2022-06-26 at 8.40.36 PM.png


Luna and Gander puppies were born on May 14th 2023

Screen Shot 2022-06-26 at 8.50.55 PM.png
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