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Breeding & Raising Quality Standard
Australian Shepherds 

We strive to raise well tempered aussies that are of sound mind and body with outstanding health and temperament. Our role as a breeder is a life long responsibility to all of our dogs in our home and yours. With dedication to the preservation of Australian Shepherds we breed happy healthy bloodlines and aim to make the most informed decisions we can using health testing and years of experience at our disposal.

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About US

We are located just north of Lincoln, Nebraska where we have plenty of acreage for our dogs and family to roam and play. Originally from Denver, Colorado we relocated to our forever home in Raymond, Nebraska. 

We fell in love with the breed at a stock show with the deep red color, hence our name Scarlet Moon. Then in 2011 we received our first breeding pair of Australian Shepherds and soon after we had our first litter. We always knew we loved the breed and the animals have always been pure joy but what we didn’t realize was how much we would fall in love with people, family and community. How many others can say you provide a life long family member to other families? If you’ve ever had the privilege of an Aussie before you know they leave pawprints on our hearts.

Each and every dog is special to our family and they are crucial members of our homestead. They help provide fun and enjoyment as well as help keep our livestock safe. They are immensely spoiled from receiving fresh eggs and goats milk  as well as being a part of any activity we do outside our home. All of our dogs are health and genetic tested so that we can select the best breeding pairs to provide the best outcome for our puppies.


 Our puppies are raised inside of our home so we can make sure they receive all of the love and attention they deserve, and so we can provide them the best start possible for their new loving homes. To go along with all of the love and cuddles that a new puppy brings they also come with our health guarantee and puppy pack

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